18 March 2006

Winter Knitting - pictures finally

Show and Tell for Winter - details and links to patterns in the near future.

Infinite Shawl - knit in one continuous loop, it has one side.
Anny Blatt wool purchased in Paris in the color that is all the rage.
Infinite Shawl
10 Dec 2006 Update 
Well, It's not wide enough for a shawl, and I've decided I'm just not a fringey type) at least not for this item. So today I removed all the fringe and it is now a SCARF that does a double wrap around the neck. Much better.

Most Expensive Scarf I ever knit
(because I bought 1 skein each of the colors needed to make the fringe)
Too bad it's so warm I need to live on a polar cap to make use of it.
Most expensive Scarf I ever knit

Socketta Gloves, finally done
Socketta Gloves Finally Done

Love This Hat! My Favorite: Personal Touch Pattern from Fiber Trends. Paton Yarn, double strand.
It's very thick and perfect for very cold weather.
Personal Touch Felted Hat - Double Strand of Paton's Wool

Lastly, a Rowan Silk Yarn in a simple rolled Beanie
(That's August staring at you!)
Rowan Silk in a simple rolled edge beanie

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