22 January 2006

January Blues

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would knit something, and then shrink the hell out of it. But here I am, doing just that. Finishing up on holiday promises, I delivered the final two hats today. (Modeled here by Michelle.)

Hat 1:  Fibertrends (first pattern AC-1), ; two stands of Paton Classic Merino Wool (peacock and navy); blocked on Round Crown slant Hat Shapers form. Added a simple garter band in purple wool (felted, post-kntting)

Hat #2: Cloche design cobbled together from lots of patterns, but basically a huge bucket until you felt it. Knit with  Kraemer yarns, "Mauch Chunky; blocked on Bowler Hat Shaper's form. I used a 3 stitch I-cord band (then felted it) to finish it off.

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